Ease Rings

Ease is a fourth-generation smart ring.

Firmware Engr.
Industrial Dsgn.
April 30, 2021


Ease is a fourth-generation smart ring, with multiple sets of RFID modules and is capable of simulating 3 contactless RFID cards.
With a built-in featured cloud services, Ease can be started through the use of two sets NFC modules.


The basic functions of Ease Rings: The Ease ring is a Smart ring just like it name literally functions as an easier way to accomplish tasks like:

  • Information Sharing - Ease can share various cloud information like encrypted texts, business cards, websites/web pages, documents, etc. 
  • Access: Ease can be used for Timecards, Medical cards, parking cards, transportation, car key, Events, membership/VIP cards.
  • Payment: Ease can replace credit cards for making payments with cashback rewards


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