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The Role of Automation in DevOps - Sep 10, 2019

DevOps is a present-day proceeding largely embraced by many organizations to improve the teamwork between software development and operations. The introduction of Test automation has also improved the efficiency of the DevOps process.

The Role of Automation in DevOps

DevOps is a present-day proceeding largely embraced by many organizations to improve the teamwork between software development and operations. The introduction of Test automation has also improved the efficiency of the DevOps process.

It’s a very important task or duty for companies to make sure that their software delivers the best quality and value in the market. And doing that is not always tranquil, as there are gobs of things to keep in mind. Yet DevOps is one of those things that really pushes the confines because it gives value, quality, automation and astounding results most of the time.

Software development has continuously evolved a lot in recent times. With businesses looking to improve the delivery speed and providing topmost services, this is the major reason majority of the organizations are opting for the DevOps approach. Since the DevOps culture emphasizes on continuous delivery it is a preferred choice for organizations.

In this article, I’ll also be explaining how test automation plays an important role in the DevOps methodology and how it can create value in delivering quality software.

Can DevOps benefit from Automation?

Every software testing technique can harness the power of automation and the prime thing about it is that it makes it more easier to identify any issues with the software faster. Nowadays, most companies tend to have an organizational culture where the testing process is happening simultaneously as the team develops the software.

Test automation helps maintain high quality of the software while also bringing in stellar turnaround time. You will be able to increase the product life cycle naturally while also making sure that you boost the quality, re-usability and reliability of every component. To make things even better, this feature will make it easier to save on various maintenance and upgrade costs. Lastly, by automating software testing you will make it easier to boost the success rate for the standardized process.

Rapid delivery is a must for every business. Because customers expect every software to have as many features as possible and as quickly as you can deliver them. It is obvious, the waiting span cannot be high, so it can be very ambiguous most of the time. You really just have to figure out the right solution and implement automation in a way that works for your company.

Continuous testing and delivery

This is a very important segment in DevOps and test automation as it helps achieve this feat easily. Continuous testing and delivery is designed to add end-to-end automated testing during all the major processes for the software lifecycle. DevOps automation makes it a lot easier for your business to increase growth opportunities and also adapt to the situation in a way that really works. And on top of that, DevOps helps catch bugs faster during the development process.

Once you automate the process, the bugs are identified fast, which helps in lowering the risks while also making sure that the software project is released on time. Thanks to continuous testing you can easily make incremental changes without any worries. Thus, you get to have the product delivered on time while also making sure that the entire experience is seamless for the customer base.

And in case any bug appears, test automation tools will be handy to identify the cause of that bug and ensure that everything is adapted and fully customized to suit your requirements. It’s easier to offer a better service for your customer if you bank on DevOps and professional test automation services.

Implementing test automation to your DevOps routine

With test automation, you are using automation frameworks to write scripts. These scripts are designed to automate all the common testing while also making sure that the functionality of your software is optimal. Tests can be run at any time during the development process and you can also integrate the automated tests with a dedicated continuous integration tool. It’s the best way to go if you’re looking to make DevOps work better.

Plus, you can always write new automated scripts. This way you can be certain the code is ready for delivery to all environments. Production and delivery are quite hard to do at times but adapting all of this at a very professional level can really make the difference. The potential is definitely there for you, all you need is to give it a try and ensure that you start automating the process while also customizing everything in a way that benefits you.

Does it really help your business?

If you’re already using DevOps, you know that software testing is pivotal for your project. That being said, test automation can increase the value and benefits of that project tenfold. It all comes down to implementing this wisely and knowing how to manage the entire process in a meaningful manner. It really has the potential to take things to the next level, so DevOps automation really makes a lot of sense for any business.

The other important point is that you get to make the testing process more efficient, and at the same time, you will get to focus on the development experience a lot more. By having more manpower in the development field, you can create the software features you need faster. And DevOps automation will seamlessly identify any problems and handle them correctly at a very professional level. It totally works and it will give you all the value and benefits you want without any issues. Just consider giving DevOps automation a try to access the best possible outcome.

To Summarize

With DevOps automation, you can start prioritizing things like continuous delivery and testing. Being able to access real-time testing while also keeping the focus on development will help a lot in the long run. It brings in more value and support while also eliminating the hassle and focusing on the growth of the business. That’s what your business needs, and in the end it will bring you an astonishing experience no matter the situation. Start implementing test automation in the DevOps process today and you will see how easy it is to save both time and money the right way!